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Landscape Maintenance

Spring & Fall Clean up Services:
Removal of leaves and all loose debris from the entire property, this service is performed prior to the lawn cutting and after the lawn-cutting season last week in April to the first week in May & the last week in October to the end of the Season.

Core Aeration: Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve soil aeration. This practice is the best thing that could be done to your lawn to improve health and vigor. In most home lawns, the natural soil has been seriously disturbed by the building process. 

Benefits Of Aeration
1. Reduced soil compaction
2. Better water uptake.
3. Enhanced fertilizer uptake and utilization.
4. Improved air exchange into soil.
5. Improved turf grass rooting.
6. Enhanced thatch breakdown.
7. Minimizes damage from a heavy thatch.
8. Reduces water run off and puddling.
9. Disrupts soil layering.
10. Aids in drying wet soils.

Pruning Corrective & Maintenance Pruning:

  • Corrective pruning: Set future growth patterns for neglected and overgrown flowering trees and shrubs
  • Maintenance Pruning: Pruning of shrubs & flowering trees to assure proper growth patterns and health. Maintenance Pruning done in late June or early July again in October.

    Your landscape represents a considerable investment often adding as much as 15% to the value of your home. One of the most important things you can do to maintain an attractive landscape is proper pruning on an annual basis. Even the most well designed, attractive landscape will soon become "unattractive" with improper or untimely pruning practices.

    All trees and shrubs have their own specific growth habits and thus have their own specific pruning requirements. A thorough understanding of these growth habits is very important for proper pruning requirements. Proper and timely pruning will leave your landscape attractive and healthy. You will have fuller growth, better flower and ornamental fruit production as well as other benefits.

Pruning Of Trees And Shrubs

"Renewal" is the key word when pruning-shrubs. Most of the best flowering shrubs will decline into a sparse-flowering thicket if they aren't thinned periodically by cutting the oldest wood to the ground! Ornamental shrubs have the unique ability to renew themselves almost indefinitely. Some shrubs growing in eastern gardens are still alive and healthy after more than a century. The secret is proper pruning.

Now is the time to prune spring flowering shrubs, and trees. They bloom on wood grown during the previous season. By pruning after they flower, the growth they will put on the rest of this year will produce next year's flowers. The shrubs should have 1/3 of the oldest shoots taken out each year. By removing these every year, after the shrub has bloomed, this will guarantee young, healthy wood to produce the best new flowers.
This is also a good time to trim evergreens to maintain them at desired size. By trimming back the new growth, this will control the size.

Advantages Of Annual Pruning
1) Rejuvenates the plant by allowing more young growth to fill in.
2) Increases flower and fruit production.
3) Eliminates dead, diseased branches.
4) Gives the plant a better appearance.
5) Helps eliminate potential damage from snow, ice or wind.
6) Allows air to circulate helping to eliminate fungal diseases.
7) Can help eliminate the spread of an infection by removing dead or possibly diseased branches.
8) Can allow more sunlight into inner branches and to the grass below.

Gardening Services: Thoroughly Weeding, bed edging, and the general pampering of all plants and landscape accent areas. Service to be performed every other week and to include all flower maintenance, perennial cutting, pinching back of all dead flowers, removal of dead or dying branches. Gardening done every other week from April to September.

Flowering Tree and Shrub Fertilizer: Ornamental trees and shrubs to be individually serviced for their particular nutrient needs. The proper fertilizer for the proper plant.

Mowing, Trimming, Cleaning and Edging of Lawn: Trim tall grass around trees, buildings, etc., and remove clippings from all hard surfaces. All cutting to be maintained at a height of 2 ¾ to 3 inches. Edge all concrete, walks and curbs every other mowing. Once per week

Parking Lot Maintenance:
All parking to be mechanically swept on a monthly basis from May to November. Service to be preformed at night after business hours.

Winter Protection: Spray an anti desiccant on all shrub and ornamental planting to protect against winter dehydration caused by cold temperatures and winter winds.





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