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Plant Care Instructions

The professionally installed plant material in your new landscape has been chosen to provide you with years of enjoyment. To help insure the success of your plantings we have outlined general care instructions below. Plant material will suffer transplant shock any time they are moved to a new location. Plants will go through a critical transition period of approximately two (2) weeks from the date of installation depending on the season in which they were installed. To help the plants through this period the customer should set a regular watering schedule. We recommend every other day watering for 15-20 minutes in each area. If temperatures exceed 80 degrees F during this period, the watering schedule should be moved to every day.

After the transition period, the watering schedule should be dropped back to every fourth day for approximately one (1) month. After this period of time the plants should be established in their new environment. Watering should be resumed if no rainfall occurs within 7 days from last watering date or if temperatures exceed 85 degrees F for more than 3 days after last watering date.

  • Fertilizing: Feeding of your plant material should occur in the spring of each year. Lawn World Inc. recommends the use of a granular fertilizer worked into the soil rather than a foliar applied fertilizer. Evergreen shrubs and trees will require a fertilizer designed specifically for evergreen use rather than a general purpose fertilizer.
  • Pruning: Pruning is a very important part of caring for and maintaining plants. Unfortunately, it is often either overdone or completely ignored. Most plants need some pruning to serve as intended in the landscape. We have selected plants with the correct form and mature size so the customer won't have to prune severely at anytime. A general rule of pruning to remember is to prune Summer & Spring flowering shrubs and trees after they have bloomed. Please ask our professionals about other pruning techniques, and advice related directly to your landscape.

  • New Sod: Watering should be done every day for about 30 minutes, the idea is to keep the underside of the plant moist but not soaked. During times of very hot weather watering should be done twice a day for about 15-20 minutes each time. This process should be repeated until you can grab the sod and not pull it off the ground then the sod is rooted. At this time watering should be cut back to every other day.
  • Annual Flowers: Watering should be done every day, the key ingredient to successful flowers is WATER. If your are using an automatic sprinkling system you should increase only the times for the beds that have flowers and not any others. Too much water on other plants and lawn areas will damage these plants. During and after installation of your flowers a urea coated fertilizer is applied by Lawn World.
  • Large tree planting: Unlike other shallow rooted plants trees need to be watered differently. During installation Lawn World deep waters the trees. Irrigation systems don't supply enough water for trees due to the depth of the root system. We recommend that you water your trees with a garden hose with the water turned down low enough so that when you place the hose at the base of the tree no water runs off of the plant. Water each tree for 24 hours then move the hose to another tree.

Should you have any questions, please call our office at (248) 669.0610 during normal business hours.

Thank you
Kelly O'Donnell, Brian Auerbach and the staff at Lawn World





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